President’s Message

President’s message from Google Groups

Dear alumni,

Thank you to all those that have attended the AGM and Royal Celebration event last Thursday [21 April]. It was an absolute blast and the feedback has been phenomenal. Due to all the positive feedback, we will now see if we can do a regular comedy night event for our society. This is something unique and different from other events currently organized by other alumni societies.

For those that did not make it to the AGM, we went over progress and balances for the past 2 years and below is a quick summary:

  • Professionalized the ticketing and collection system
  • Become effectively cashless, significantly reducing risk of theft, accounting errors
  • Primary income from event ticket sales, Other sources of income include officers donation and in-kind sponsorship, there is no cash sponsorship
  • 7 paid events and 13 free events were hosted over 23 months, averaging close to 1 event per month
  • Excluding free events, 415 paid tickets sold, average ticket sale of RMB 207/ticket
  • Made a surplus of RMB 17,525

I also want to take the opportunity again to quickly thank all the previous committee members in driving forward the society and laying the foundation for something much greater to come.

For those that have attended our events in the past, you would have heard my vision by now of having 3 simultaneous pillars of engagement with our alumni in the form of fun, learning, and social impact. As such, we have established a grouping structure with the new committee members such that we have 3 groups working on the 3 pillars of engagement. Each group is also tasked with organizing an event for the society no less than a frequency of 1 event every 2 months. So at the very least, you all can expect at least 18 events from us in a year. This is to ensure that we get to engage in both breadth and depth with the alumni group.

The breakout is as follows:

Social activities (e.g. networking)
Tony Chen (Vice President)
Charles Bark
Sophia Heng Xu

Continuous Learning (e.g. professor and professional lecture series)
Jian Ni
Morag Mccrorie
Steven Luk

Social Impact (e.g. activities that aim to make a difference)
Steven Luk [President]
Jo Wang
Olivia Sun

Treasurer: Pavel Ananienko
Secretary: Jonathan Moore
Communication Officer: Wenming Dai

Our lack of visibility and use of social media had always been a pain point. Numerous alumni had asked me how they can learn of our events and society as they might not always receive our emails. This is going to change with the new appointment of Jon and Wenming. Together, they will be responsible in promoting our society and events via social media platforms such as LinkedIn and WeChat as well as maintaining and updating our website such that we will have various synchronized channels where alumni can reach us and find out what events will be coming up.

With all this said, I am excited for our society and for what’s to come in the future. I intend to lead our society above other societies and set an example for all future alumni chapters on what it truly means to be an Oxford and Cambridge Alumni club. Aside from the usual drinks and parties, we will become a true extension of the values of the universities and provide continuous learning opportunities as well as opportunities to make a difference in the environment that we reside in. We wish that you will continue to support us in making our society stronger and better for you and other alumni.

P.S. attached are photo highlights of the Royal Celebration event with our special guest: Vivek Mahbubani